R.M.Williams boots have always been designed for the wearer to make them their own. To wear them in. And wear them out - in countless creative combinations and pursuits.

In our series, How do you wear yours ?, we’re telling the stories behind the different styles of our boots, and the lifestyles they lend themselves to. We’re trawling our archives and this wide, brown land finding inspiration from some of Australia’s most interesting characters. From farmsteads to the footy, Flemington to the Flinders Ranges… we’re asking how you tap into the legend of the nation’s most famous footwear.

Starting with our most loved boots, the Craftsman and Lady Yearling, each month we’ll feature different boots in our collection, sharing the design stories, distinctive features, and occasions to wear our boots, along with advice on how to style them. Follow along. #howdoyouwearyours

The Lana boot

Unique, versatile and fashion-forward, this elegant new boot is set to shake up a growing footwear offering for women.

The Risden boot

A casual new take on a military boot that offers contemporary style, without straying from the outback spirit.

The Yearling boot

Quiet yet confident, the Yearling is a boot with a strong sense of self, rooted in 80s style and characterised by an almond toe


The Randwick boot

Similar to the popular Rickaby - a true lace-up work boot, the Randwick boot has been given a sleeker, more urban feel with a very soft polished Aniline leather and lighter rubber sole, giving it a distinct cosmopolitan edge.


Tough silhouette and well worn appeal

R.M.Williams’ answer to the call of street culture, the Arnhem Boot is a rugged Australian take on a versatile urban boot. Its heavy treaded rubber sole and spring toe add durability and character to a familiar silhouette. It looks bloody tough, and it is.



Here, photographer and writer Ella O’Keeffe speaks with artist Shaun Daniel Allen on how the tough-looking boot treads lightly between country, fine art studio, and tattoo shop.


The zip-up boot

A flexible and fashionable side-step away from the traditional Chelsea boot, the Balmoral is the height of sophistication with its new seasonal finishes, Burnished Black and Burnished Mahogany.

4 ways to style your Balmorals

With a sleek, all-leather finish and a functional side zipper, the Balmoral boot stands apart in the R.M.Williams stable of predominantly elastic-sided boots.

The Macquarie boot

‘The tonal variations ensure that no two pairs are the same,’ Steve says. ‘The burnished Macquarie is a very specially handcrafted boot that will last a lifetime.’


The Maya boot

A literal step up from all its stable mates, the Maya boot was R.M.Williams’ first true town boot for women that could carry a corporate outfit right through to formal evening wear.


The Millicent boot

With its sleek needle toe, distinctive white contrast stitching on the welt and Cuban-inspired heel, the Millicent boot brings a bit of Casablanca to the R.M.Williams stable.

The Gardener boot

Extremely popular both here in Australia and overseas, The Gardener boot is a workhorse. A really good-looking one that can handle mud, moisture and sand, and will stand up to any journey as a street boot or a pastoral boot.

Salt of the earth

From kayaking the Murchison River when it was barely a trickle to getting stranded by the tide on isolated coastal cliffs, photographer and filmmaker Caleb ‘Salty’ Davenport has a unique take on outback Australia, just as he does on life. Gretel Sneath looks through the viewfinder.

The Erica boot

A feminine take on a design favourite, the new season’s Erica boot is a refined and beautiful version of the brand’s most loved boot, the Comfort Craftsman.

Finally, a boot that can take me anywhere!

Here, Annabelle talks about the boot she didn’t know she needed, R.M.Williams’ new seasonal Erica boot, fashioned after the best-selling comfort Craftsman.

The Craftsman boot

Australian style changed forever when the chisel toe of the Craftsman first strode out of R.M.Williams’ workshop in 1966. Since then it has walked an improbable path between woolsheds and world summits. Only RM could have imagined its famous future when he gave that first Craftsman its finishing touches.

Craftsman boots: from the Kimberley to Calgary

The Craftsman boot’s reputation for style and durability goes before it, but there are some things you need to see to believe. Mark Muller - Editor In Chief of OUTBACK Magazine, shares tall tales of travels in his favourite bone suede Craftsmans. And has the pictures to boot!

The Lady Yearling boot

This boot came about the way many great things do – with Australian women taking matters into their own hands. In their thousands, they were buying the smaller sizes of the men’s Yearling.

The perfect ‘every outfit’ boot

The terrain of the Snowy Mountains in the south-eastern corner of New South Wales is unique: pristine and difficult. It was here that the R.M.Williams’ new season autumn/winter campaign was shot, so suited to the rugged elegance of the brand’s best-selling Lady Yearling boots.