How do you wear your maya boots

The Maya boot

Taking an old favourite to new heights

A literal step up from all its stable mates - with its 7.5 centimetre block heel, the Maya boot was R.M.Williams’ first true town boot for women that could carry a corporate outfit right through to formal evening wear. Its popularity with the ladies might soon mean it’s here to stay.

The anatomy of the Maya

In 2019, after more than a decade of success with the brand’s chic Millicent boot , the Adelaide workshop iterated on its sleek needle toe and block heel, introducing the loftier Maya boot .

‘Maya was created in an effort to bring together the profile and toe shape of our Millicent boot into a more fashion-forward piece that adds sophistication to any outfit,’ explains R.M.Williams’ Head of Footwear Development, David Cook.

Uniquely handcrafted from a single piece of leather, the Maya’s narrow pointed toe is a softened version of the Millicent’s slender needle toe. It’s also (quite literally) a cut above the original design courtesy of a 7.5 centimetre block heel crafted from stacked layers of vegetable-tanned leather. The design team also added a taller boot shaft for a more elongated profile, bringing serious height all-round to the women’s boot line-up.

How do you wear your maya boots
How do you wear your maya boots

With its luxe leather sole which can be replaced over and over , the Maya boot is a step away from R.M.Williams’ traditional footwear, towards a true town boot.

‘It was our first real initiative in terms of giving our female customers a boot that looks at home with corporate wear in the office and also formal evening wear,’ David says.

Currently a seasonal boot available in Ebony and Mid Brown pull-up oily leather with a leather insole, plans are afoot to make Maya a permanent stablemate in keeping with the boot’s year-round appeal.

‘It has been well accepted by our customers, sitting closely behind the Lady Yearling and Adelaide boots in terms of popularity – which is incredible given that it only has a limited availability and delivery window at this point, David says. We look forward to moving it into our core range.

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