The Randwick

Laced-up newcomer to the RM boot room

Similar to the popular Rickaby - a true lace-up work boot, the Randwick boot has been given a sleeker, more urban feel with a very soft polished Aniline leather and lighter rubber sole, giving it a distinct cosmopolitan edge.

Our founder RM always insisted that boots should be practical and comfortable, but they also had to look good - for you never know who you might run into.

The lace-up Randwick is a step away from R.M.Williams’ iconic elastic-sided Chelsea boots. It’s a smart ‘town’ boot offering the same traditional values and purposeful design. Handcrafted in Adelaide with a fully-lined upper made from the finest quality NZ Moulton leather, this mid-cut boot’s classic wide round toe, traditional Welt-sewn rubber sole and flat leather heel bring a new expression of quality and style to the R.M.Williams boot room.

Head of Footwear Development, David Cook, likens the Randwick’s profile to the popular Rickaby boot, but says the finer silhouette gives it a more cosmopolitan edge.

'The Rickaby is a true work boot with its heavy-duty treaded rubber sole and metal lace eyelets making it more of a rugged hiking or military-style boot, but we’ve given the Randwick a sleeker urban feel that’s more refined and classic with a very soft polished Aniline leather, blind eyelets, finer waxed cotton laces and a lighter rubber sole that’s both oil and acid-resistant,' David says. 'It’s more formal or elegant, but it also feels quite fun.'

'The Randwick is packed with personality, and it’s a little bit unique for someone looking to make a statement,' says stylist Gemma Keil.

'As a lace-up boot, it’s that bit more masculine or boyish compared to a brogue that can feel stiff or serious – there’s definitely a bit of playfulness there, or a bit of mischief even.'

Available in seasonal colours of coco and black, one of the keys to the Randwick’s overwhelming popularity is its versatility in an urban setting. 'It’s more dress shoe than casual and will create a really finished look with suiting and tailoring as it has that really refined polish that will instantly smarten up an outfit, but the natural edge also makes it very versatile in terms of transitioning into casual - you could certainly get away with cuffed or even tucked dark denim or a cropped trouser and a shirt,' Gemma says.

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The Randwick

Randwick boot is a smart lace up boot with a classic round toe. Made with moulton leather and fully lined upper, these boots feature a waxed cotton laces, arch support and a natural edge finish to craft a stylish look.

How do you wear yours?

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